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Industry will never be the same again

Industry will never be the same again

A revolution has begun that will overcome the barriers between physical and digital technology. Everything that can be connected will be connected. The fourth industrial revolution has arrived. Industry 4.0 will lead the way towards the total automation of plants, raising the concept of efficiency to a level never seen before.

This integration between machines that are able to make decentralized decisions and cooperate with each other and with humans, is possible thanks to tools such as big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). The latter, combined with automated systems, allows you to connect the Internet now with objects, other than smartphones, tablets and computers.
With IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, so-called intelligent factories are emerging, making the connection between sensors and other devices, to collect information in real time, analyze the data from them and create response actions. This creates industrial efficiencies, resulting in an the economy of resources, increase of productivity and reduction in downtime, through the predictive maintenance of machines and equipment.

WEG Motor Scan

In the case of electric motors, monitoring through an intelligent device allows preventive actions and avoids unwanted stops in the production, therefore increasing its effectiveness. WEG has applied this technology by developing WEG Motor Scan, a monitoring solution to control motors installed in the most diverse applications in an industrial plant.
Based on data captured and sent to the cloud, it is possible to make faster and more assertive decisions, especially in cases of predictive maintenance, ensuring greater efficiency and longer engine life.
With this white paper we will discuss the concepts of industry 4.0 and WEG Motor Scan, drawing the benefits of technology for an innovative and much more competitive industry.